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iT9HBT y IT9GNG son los fabricantes de la marca de antenas directivas MOMOBEAM , en estos momentos hay 17 modelos disponibles. y otros en preparación  por ejem. un sistema Moxon, o una 6 bandas fullside en un solo boom etc.. A la vista de las imágenes, la fabricación parece de buena calidad, el precio comparandolo con otras marcas del mercado es realmente competitivo , proporcionan buena información técnica de sus modelos.
 Son  robustas, por lo que garantizan su resistencia ante las adversidades climatologicas. Sus antenas estan realizadas para trabajar en las bandas de HF y 50Mhz.
Para Dxistas, hay una serie de monobandas y bibandas de largo boom y de 4,5,7 y 9 elem. 
Puedes ver más info en la WEB.

Recently appeared in the market some new manufacturers of HF antennas, and luckily for me , this was at the moment when I needed to buy a new one for the WARC bands.

So after an extensive search among many different brands and models finally the MOMOBEAM brand. caught my attention. I examined features, compared to other brands and models and finally choose this brand considering its good relationship between quality and price. The momobeam MB4-2WARC, was the model that met my requirements.

So I ordered it and added to the order the MB5-6, which is the 5 elements for 50 Mhz.

They arrived duly protected in a big wood box. They are built in EU-T6060 aluminium, INOX screws, sturdily built (boom and elements are 2mm thick), and assembling went smoothly as the instructions manual is explicity detailed.

Tuning process perfect!. SWR level is very low in most of the band, gain probably meets the stated specifications of 4.6/4.8 dbd, which are usually the standard for a 2 elements.

Their price is very interesting, 20% aprox. under the prices of its more direct competitor

The 6 m antenna really fantastic and very strong, as it is made with the same material as the HFantennas.

For those having space and a great garden they offer HF monobands arriving to 9 elements!!

I believe that these boys of Momobeam are doing a very good job!

More information will be found in their WEB page.

Luckily. I must punctuate them wth a high score Hi Hi

 IT9HBT ed IT9GNG sono i fabbricanti della marca di antenne direttive MOMOBEAM, in questi momenti ci sono 17 modelli disponibili.ed altri in preparazione per ejem. un sistema Moxon, o una 6 bande fullside in un solo boom e altri. Vedere sito web